School Break: A Chance to Brush Up on Cloud Migration

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Educational institutions are seeing lots of positive impacts from moving to the cloud, including enhancements in teaching, learning, research, administration, and even new student recruiting. Schools and universities are building out their modern educational environments by adopting collaboration platforms built for the cloud. This modernization continues to evolve as IT teams are challenging legacy structures and re-imagining processes in every corner of the institution.

We’ve come a long way from the scramble of the pandemic. With lockdown-days in the rearview mirror, educational institutions can reflect on what’s been learned over the past three years. Few students or educators—not to mention parents—are pining for fully remote learning, but the worldwide pivot to cloud-based platforms has brought a number of tangible benefits.

Brought to you by the cloud

 If your IT team is making the case for moving more workloads to the cloud, or for consolidating cloud tenants, now is a good time. You can take advantage of the relative quiet of a school break to educate decision makers and plan your migration. First, a review of the major takeaways from Cloud 101:

Enhanced collaboration and accessibility: It didn’t take long for students and educators to embrace new ways of acquiring knowledge, collaborating on projects, sharing resources, and engaging in discussions—both in-class and online. There’s no going back. Expectations are high for modern educational institutions to offer a dynamic and well-rounded experience.

Flexibility and scalability: The cloud allows you to easily scale storage and computing power without compromising system performance so you can adapt to changing needs and demands. Plus, effortless updates ensure that your software and platforms are always up-to-date and secure.

Improved security and data management: It’s more important than ever to protect sensitive information like student records, financial data, and research. By moving to the cloud, schools and universities are taking advantage of advanced security measures like encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular data backups. Cloud-based systems also ensure seamless access to information under the highest levels of data integrity and compliance.

Cost efficiency and resource optimization:

By migrating to the cloud, you’re minimizing upfront investments in hardware, software, and infrastructure and only paying for the resources you consume. This scalability means you can avoid over-provisioning resources while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing waste.

We won’t be testing you on all this. Your grade will be determined by how efficiently you’re able to enhance outcomes throughout the institution by leveraging cloud services.

Advanced degree: Mastering the cloud

Once you’re proficient in cloud basics, you can start really taking advantage of its increased capacity, flexibility, and security. Here are some of the ways the cloud is modernizing educational experiences:

Reinventing the classroom: Even as we celebrate the return to the classroom, the classroom isn’t what it was just a few years ago. Cloud-based technology is helping students be more engaged in their learning; letting them explore and collaborate with worlds beyond the four walls. It’s an opportunity to far exceed traditional expectations in preparing students for the future.

 Research without limits: Faculty are making use of the cloud to manage and manipulate much larger sets of data. Secure, reliable computing power is essential for leveraging AI and global collaboration. This promises to shorten the time to potentially groundbreaking discoveries.

Efficiencies in administration: Administrative priorities often have a hard time becoming top budget priorities, especially if they depend on projected growth. Cloud infrastructure allows you to tap into scalable SaaS tools that contain costs while setting the stage for a more efficient future.

Promoting a world class institution: Already baseline expectations for what it means to be a top school or university have shifted. Staying competitive means staying ahead with access to technology that will attract the brightest students, faculty, and staff.

Changing the role of IT: While you’re leveraging the cloud to reinvent an entire educational institution, remember that it’s also an opportunity to up-level your team. IT teams are taking on more strategic planning roles because they can leave the maintenance to cloud providers. That means making sure you’re educating your staff for the challenges ahead.

MigrationWiz: The smart way to migrate

Whether you’re mostly in the cloud or still building out your cloud infrastructure, the best way to get there is with BitTitan and MigrationWiz. There’s still time over the break to plan and execute a successful migration, and if you act fast you can take advantage of discounted pricing on our most popular licenses—read on to learn more.

MigrationWiz is fully automated and 100% SaaS, so you can initiate your migration from one centralized dashboard. It’s also highly customizable with advanced options that give you full control over your migration, including DeploymentPro for automating Outlook configuration.

 BitTitan has migrated thousands of students, faculty, and staff at hundreds of educational institutions around the globe. While MigrationWiz is known for being intuitive and easy to use, you never have to go it alone. Our world-class Customer Success team is available 24/7, and we have team members with extensive experience in educational environments. We can also recommend MSPs who will make sure you meet your timelines and avoid complications.

With BitTitan and MigrationWiz by your side, you can get a lot done over the break. So when faculty, staff, and students return, they can begin exploring the expanded capabilities you’re making available to them. Contact our team to get started on your migration!

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