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Weird Noises in the Machine

Look, I am not poking fun at anyone when I say this, but if your computer is making weird noises, it’s probably trying to tell you something.  Weird noises can mean many things, and typically they are not good.
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Don’t Assume You Know the Problem

We recently went on a call that we knew there was probably something wrong with the physical network because the client’s inhouse tech support team said so.  Level 1 and 2 tech support are in house for this client and they usually do a good job of troubleshooting.  This case was no different, so the […]
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Prime Day is Coming!

Hey, have you heard of Prime Day?  It’s like Black Friday, only it’s in the middle of July. Sounds exciting, right?  Well, get geared up!  It’s nearly here, and you won’t believe the range of great deals that are coming up.   As pointed out in Tom’s Guide, a good product review web site, and a […]
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Equifax Has Been Hacked!

Folks, I realize the internet is abuzz with different companies being hacked and alerts about all sorts of data breaches, but this one is not just a some-company-somewhere type of hack you can disregard.  Neither is this an oh-no-let-me-call-so-and-so.  This one will directly affect many many people over the course of many years.  Let me […]
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Acer Aspire 5750 – 6866 will not turn on

Hi Folks, This is a troubleshooting entry to help those DIYers and other techs working on this laptop (or one like it.) Here are some of the symptoms this laptop has exhibited: Laptop starts up intermittently (Sometimes will start and go to Windows.  Sometimes will not even POST.) Battery will not charge Power and battery […]
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Suspicious Phone Calls

Today I got a phone call from a foreign sounding guy.  He identified himself as Peter Smith, and he asked me if my name was Mr. Four.  Of course, that’s not right, so I corrected him.  He proceeded to tell me that I was registered with Microsoft and that he was calling me to alert […]
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