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Internet Explorer Redirecting to Edge

As it turns out.. Microsoft REALLY wants you to get away from Internet Explorer. They are now redirecting you automatically away from Internet Explorer to Edge. If you find that intrusive and inconvenient as I do, this article will show you how to take back control of this "feature".
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Communication, Collection, and Collaboration! Oh, My!​

Communication, Collection, and Collaboration! Oh, My! Email Systems in Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Beyond As we implement new information systems technology for small and medium businesses, we find that (most of the time) business owners get overwhelmed by the number of options that are out there. So, as a way of simplifying the process […]
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Outlook Not Synchronizing With Gmail

We have a client that uses several email addresses from within Microsoft Outlook. Some of them connect to Exchange. Some connect to IMAP (regular email), and some connect to G-mail. G-mail is IMAP, except it has weird requirements that change without any sort of notification. So here we are, the client is getting all sorts […]
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Cloud Computing

Working in the cloud sounds difficult. It’s not! With the right expert, it can be as easy as contacting us, receiving an email, and clicking on a link. Cloud Computing removes the risk associated with remote workers. We can also connect these virtual computers to your network or active directory domain. Covenant Computing creates and […]
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