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Enterprise Password Management – $6 per User

Covenant Computing’s Enterprise Password Management instantly secures passwords across your entire company, provides a safe and secure way for your team to share passwords and gives you visibility to know strong passwords are actually being used. You can access your passwords by logging into your account on any device. You can manage passwords from one device, and it will automatically update it on every device you have connected to your account. End-to-end security and a zero-knowledge architecture make it virtually impossible for your password to become vulnerable. Easy user management will allow you to quickly onboard users, configure access to share passwords and enforce team security. Actionable insights provide you with your security score, Dark Web scans and full audit reporting showing where your vulnerabilities are. Custom Security Policies will bring security best practices to your team with our complete set of security policies.

  1. Complete Password Security – Enterprise Password Management uses world class security to protect your information from hackers and cyber criminals.
  2. Visibility So You Can Take Action – Enterprise Password Management shows you where your security risks are so you can act.
  3. Fast User Adoption – Intuitive design, strong password generator and website autofill to keep your users happy.
  4. Rapid Deployment – Onboard users quickly from the management portal. Simple Active Directory integration.
  5. Dark Web Scanning – Hacked passwords put your business at risk. Our Dark Web scans show you where those risks are.

Email Security – $3 Per Account (only one account needed per domain)

Covenant Computing Email Security allows you to work from your email on any device.


  • The first and only automated email phishing protection, detection, and incident response module.
  • An advanced mailbox-level anomaly detection module that protects against business email compromise (BEC), email spoofing and impersonations attempts by dynamically learning their mailbox and communication habits.
  • Advanced detection and notice of trending email phishing attacks by leveraging IRONSCALES’ virtual analyst community.

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly reduce financial and reputational risk against emerging phishing campaigns.
  • Reduce burden on a security team’s resources by leveraging peer community.
  • Proactively detects and defends against emerging phishing attacks.
  • Reduces risk of financial loss from business email compromise (BEC) attacks.
  • Improves trust and authentication of email communications.


Covenant Computing uses industry best practices and leading software applications to help restore your sanity.

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