Cloud Computing

Working in the cloud sounds difficult. It\’s not! With the right expert, it can be as easy as contacting us, receiving an email, and clicking on a link. Cloud Computing removes the risk associated with remote workers. We can also connect these virtual computers to your network or active directory domain.


Covenant Computing creates and manages cloud desktop or server environments. Now you have always-on computing that is ready to go when you are. Sleeping or hibernating machines can disconnect from the network. Those are problems of the past.

Cloud (or Virtual) machines are computers that run exactly like your computer-with-a-keyboard. They stay \”in the cloud\”, can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection, and can be modified to meet any challenge. We can also upload your entire workstation to the cloud so it feels like you are working on your own machine.

Many remote computers are too slow and are expensive to upgrade. They also don\’t have security, so they threaten your valuable data if they connect to your network. Therefore, cloud computing workstations and servers take that work and keep it in a secure environment, and they do all the computing. They also display the results to your workers like it is working from their own physical computer. Because they do it securely, quickly, and clearly, even slow and virus-laden workstations could have powerful cloud counterparts that will haul any load you throw at it.

Just need to connect a remote worker to an existing workstation? We\’ve got that covered too! Contact Covenant Computing for a Free Estimate

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