Why Covenant Infrastructure Service?

Hiring and managing a team of Network Administrators is no easy task (onboarding, training, employee benefits, payroll, etc.) and can be a literal HR nightmare. With Covenant Computing managing your network, you have an entire team of professionals overseeing your mission-critical infrastructure from WAN/LAN, Wi-Fi, connectivity, cybersecurity, and communications systems without the hassle of internal personnel.

Network Management | Infrastructure Expertise

Keep your network up to date and up to modern standards with Covenant Computing. Our Managed Network Service, Covenant Infrastructure Service (CIS), provides agnostic engineering advice and design from a team of dedicated networking professionals. Additionally, we make your life easier by providing proactive monitoring and reporting software that allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the network your business relies on.

CIS was designed with one thing in mind: minimize the pain of managing an entire network with all the trappings (monitoring, management, and remote administration), while delivering world-class support to our clients. CIS provides organizations of all sizes with a rock-solid solution for network administration, provided by an organization that keeps the customer in mind.  This is truly Enterprise-class infrastructure management accessible to anyone.

What do you get with CIS?

  • 24/7 Incident response
  • Proactive Network Maintenance
  • Automatic Software and Security Updates
  • Network Design and Engineering
  • Technology Hardware Refreshes on a 3-year cycle
    • All new hardware every 3 years!
  • Data Backups and Storage (optional)
  • Direct Access to Network Experts (Phones are answered LIVE)
First Steps | Network Audit by Covenant Computing

Partnering with Covenant Computing to secure a preliminary network audit is the first step in becoming a CIS Client. The Covenant Computing Network Audit is a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the current state of an organization’s network infrastructure (no matter your size). Our Network Audit includes the identification of all network assets for all locations, catalogs them, and provides you with a report that outlines everything in detail. For organizations looking to migrate to the cloud or simply optimize a current network for modern technology, the Covenant Computing Network Audit is precisely the tool to set a solid foundation for future growth and network reliability. Moreover, should you choose to become a CIS client, the audit will give our team the information they need to deliver a smooth execution on day one.

What’s included with a Covenant Network Audit?

  • Detailed Network Diagram via Visio
  • Network Asset Inventory List
  • Security Threat Identification
  • Network Hardware Licensing Included
  • Lifecycle Analysis for Network Refresh
  • True Visibility into Your Network
  • SaaS Strategy Planning
MPLS Displacement | Modernize Your Network

Managing an expensive MPLS Network can be a daunting process. These types of networks are common among larger multi-site organizations and while revolutionary in the early 2000s, the technology is simply outdated. If your organization has an MPLS environment, now is the time to consider your options.

Benefits of CIS

  • Increased bandwidth with built-in redundancy
  • Proactive network monitoring and system health reporting
  • Internet Service Provider management – consolidated billing
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