You don’t need a backup plan, you need a Continuity plan.

Backups are a thing of the past.  Sure, they are great for backing up the data you need to keep your business running, but if you can’t get to it for days, what good is it other than to make sure the loss is not total?

Businesses don’t just need backups, they need to stay running, no matter what.  They need continuity services so they can continue to create revenue by providing the customer with valuable goods and services even if that one machine that is too important to fail (and the data it holds) … does fail.  You pay a monthly premium for insurance to cover you in case of catastrophes in your health, motor vehicle traffic, your home, even business liability, and any number of other things meant to cover you against a disaster or a malicious attack.  What if I told you, that you can now protect your business’ data in case of disaster or malicious attack?  You would probably tell me a backup plan can do that, but what if you could also access your working data even if your business’ building were destroyed or “that one machine” crashes?  Well, you can.  It’s like sending a cc’d email to the cloud with every bit of business-critical data you create.

Introducing – Covenant Continuity.

Covenant Continuity (CC) is a full suite of backup and continuity products designed to fill every niche to keep your business running on the ground and, if necessary, in the cloud.  The products we provide meet the full range of data and workflow backup and continuity needs of your business, but what if you could also have Ransomware detection and alerts included at no additional cost?  You can.  Not only does CC backup and provide your valuable data in the case of disaster, lost, or destroyed data, but it also scans those backups for ransomware and sends alerts if it detects it.

What this fancy diagram is telling you is that your computer/workspace/server/laptop/whatever… can be backed up to the cloud.  When that happens, no matter what happens to the backed-up information, your data… even your workstations are accessible from virtual machines on the internet.  What that means is, if your business gets leveled by a tornado, your backed-up workstation can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection as if you were sitting right there in front of it.

And if your business is attacked by ransomware, then your backups are instantly available too.  All you need is an internet connection and a workstation that is able to access it.

Really, it’s like worry-free data insurance that will keep your business running, no matter the disaster… and the cost will make you grin.

Covenant Computing has solutions for the complete range of business from a small business, operating out of the corner of the living room, to enterprise-level multinational corporations.

Need a workstation or server in the cloud? Covenant Computing has you covered there too. Click the button below to contact us and get your workforce connected.

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