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An MSP (Managed Service Provider) does more than just fix computers. They network, they research, and they manage services designed to increase productivity and profitability for businesses and organizations. Unlike “computer guys” they provide valuable advice, talk to 3rd party IT vendors to find the best and most cost-effective technology, and provide support for utility services like Internet Service Providers.

A true MSP is like the CIO of your company; a true partner in the safe and economical operation of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t know exactly how much money your company would have been wasting or saving on IT during the day to day operation of your business.

We are a well-rounded, up to date, complete answer to all of the questions about IT. We defend you from viruses and hackers, we keep your data and computers backed up and safe, and we manage your website too! These are just the surface advantages. There are other advantages to hiring an MSP.

There are a few obvious reasons why your company needs an IT guy, right? You need someone to call when a computer breaks down or someone to find a new computer for you. However, what happens when an employee destroys all your data before they quit because they got their feathers ruffled over something or other? What do you do when you are about to move into a new building and need a network set up? What happens when your Internet company gives you the runaround and all that happens when you call is you talk to people who can’t speak English well or they use Techy-sounding words that you don’t understand? That’s where an MSP comes in.

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