Password Management

Forgetting your password is more than annoying it\’s a major time waster. Research shows that people spend an average of 12 full days of their lifetime searching for their username and password. Did you read that?  12 FULL Days!! That\’s 0.044% of their life wasted on something that should not be a problem.

Covenant Computing understands that the time is precious and should be used to its full potential. Our Enterprise Password Management tool allows you to have complete control of your privacy and never lose another password again. The model not only stores your passwords for you, which only you have access to, but it also will help you generate more secure passwords that will be virtually impossible to breach, our secure password share allows you to share passwords with anyone without them knowing what it is. You can control who has access and who doesn\’t, as well as changing them to more secure passwords after sharing.

How much time do you want to spend remembering passwords or who has access to your personal data?

Enterprise Password Management

Personal and Business Passwords
$ 6
Per User

  • Ultimate Security
  • Extremely Easy
  • Unlimited Users

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Additional Features Include:

Complete Password Security

Enterprise Password Management uses world class security to protect your information from hackers and cyber criminals.

Visibility So You Can Take Action

Enterprise Password Management shows you where your security risks are so you can act.

Fast User Adoption

Intuitive design, strong password generator and website autofill to keep your users happy.

Rapid Deployment

Onboard users quickly from the management portal. Simple Active Directory integration.

Dark Web Scanning

Hacked passwords put your business at risk. Our Dark Web scans show you where those risks are.

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