Migrating from Google Mail to Microsoft 365

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Cross-platform migrations are a little more complicated than a basic tenant move. But that doesn’t mean they have to be hard. With MigrationWiz it’s easy to move all components of Gmail – including mail, calendars, and contacts – to Microsoft 365. And with the latest in our video tutorial series, you can migrate like a pro after only 30 minutes of education.

Mark, our migration expert, is in command of the MigrationWiz console again, showing the sequence of steps that will move your workload without disruption or complication. Use the video as a training module or as a brush-up before you start your project.

What you’ll learn in this video

In order to migrate Gmail to Microsoft 365, you’ll need to first do some prep at both the source and the destination. Learn the steps and where to find critical information so you don’t have to hunt around. This video uses live Gmail and Microsoft 365 accounts to demonstrate a migration, including:

Preparing the source. You’ll first need to do some work on the Google side in order to allow access to the data. You’ll add the correct APIs, then set up and establish the scope of the service account. Finally, you’ll see how to turn on admin rights.

Setting up the project. With the MigrationWiz console it’s easy to create a new project, then add the source and destination.

Configuring the destination tenant. On the Microsoft 365 side, you’ll learn how to register the application, adjust settings, apply API permissions, and set up application impersonation using PowerShell.

Executing the migration. Before clicking “migrate,” you’ll see where and how to put in Advanced Options, add items, apply licenses, and verify credentials. Then, watch as the migration happens right before your eyes. Mark will also show you what to do if the mailboxes you’re moving contain large amounts of data.

Handy hints from an expert

In this video you’ll get the information you need to complete a successful Gmail to Microsoft 365 migration, including how to use BitTitan Help Desk articles every step of the way. These guides are updated frequently to make sure they have the most current information. For many actions, you’re encouraged to simply cut and paste commands.

You’ll also get important recommendations on security practices for a safe migration. You’ll learn about different ways to add items, why you might choose to pre-stage your migration, and ways to handle errors.

Check out our growing library of MigrationWiz tutorial videos and access them any time you like. They’re all part of the BitTitan commitment to successful, easy migrations that always make you look good.

Watch the video here, and contact our sales team for more information.

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