White Paper: Best Practices for Active Directory Migrations

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Let’s talk about Active Directory. Sure, it’s been around for a while. It may not get as much attention as other things that were invented in the 1990s – you’ve probably heard of the World Wide Web – but it’s still got a job to do. Active Directory (AD) has been a workhorse, and it’s got staying power – unlike technologies that are gathering dust in the archives of nostalgia. (Here’s looking at you, Palm Pilot!)

The 90s feel like such a long time ago, and the computing landscape has evolved many times over in the last decades. While major infrastructure is shifting to the cloud, many organizations still maintain on-premises AD because it’s a solid database solution that’s essential for authenticating certain systems and applications. That means if you’re doing migrations you’re going to encounter AD sooner or later. And you can’t let it be a stumbling block.

Choose a Tool That’s Purpose Built

There are tools to migrate Active Directory, but most of them aren’t designed to handle the complexities of AD environments. In fact, the tools themselves can be difficult to set up and use, requiring a specialist’s knowledge. Then there’s MigrationWiz. BitTitan has an AD migration solution integrated into MigrationWiz that will save you time and frustration. Since AD migrations can pose unique challenges, BitTitan experts have recently published guidance that makes great reading before you dive into your next project.

This white paper, A New Approach and Best Practices for Active Directory Migrations, will help you understand why AD migrations are so complex, and how MigrationWiz uniquely works with the structure of Active Directories. You’ll see how MigrationWiz gives you full control over what you’re going to migrate. And you’ll learn how encryption works to protect personal data as it’s moved from the source to the destination or target AD.

Tips From the Pros

Because it’s a legacy system, migrating Active Directory requires a little finesse. In our new white paper, BitTitan experts share pointers that will streamline your project and keep it on track. These include recommendations for scoping and assessment, target environment considerations, logging and documentation, and end-user communications. As with any new type of migration, a little time spent studying the process will save a lot of time in the execution. A smooth migration helps you avoid end-user confusion, frustration, and productivity loss.

Download the whitepaper today to get ready for your next migration project and contact us any time you need help or advice.

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