Suspicious Phone Calls

Today I got a phone call from a foreign sounding guy.  He identified himself as Peter Smith, and he asked me if my name was Mr. Four.  Of course, that\’s not right, so I corrected him.  He proceeded to tell me that I was registered with Microsoft and that he was calling me to alert me that I had been hacked and that people were using my IP address for criminal purposes.

If you get this phone call.  Don\’t listen to what he has to say.  Politely disconnect the call.  If you suspect he was onto something or if you just want some reassurance, call your local IT guy and ask him to please help you determine if your computer is safe.

What\’s the moral of the story?  There are lots of people out there trying to get money from you.  They don\’t always have your best interests at heart.  Please, stay local with your computer support so you can be assured you are dealing with a real person that has your best interests at heart.


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