Modern Authentication UI Updates

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BitTitan has made a change to MigrationWiz to help streamline Microsoft 365 migrations. Now you’ll set up Modern Authentication at the start so it’s in place before you structure the rest of the project. This will help make sure an important step is in place so you can avoid complications when you launch your migration.

If you’re moving mailboxes, online archive mailboxes, or public folders between Microsoft tenants or from Google Workplace to Microsoft 365, Modern Authentication provides a significantly more secure environment. Our recent change to the MigrationWiz UI means that Modern Authentication is set up at the beginning of the project as you configure your endpoints. The steps include registering the app with Microsoft, setting the correct API permissions, then filling in the source and destination settings.

The MigrationWiz Knowledge Base article—with easy-to-follow screen shots—has been updated to walk you through the process. The article also includes commands that can be copied and pasted into the UI so you can avoid typing errors. After setting up Modern Authentication, you’ll be able to verify that it’s been auto-populated into Advanced Options.

When you log into your MigrationWiz console, you’ll see a notice about this change with links to supporting documentation. You can also learn how to set up Modern Authentication for your Microsoft migration in this new step-by-step video.

Contact us or your preferred distributor if you have any questions about using MigrationWiz or if you’d like to discuss an upcoming migration project.

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