Break Free From Your IT Groundhog Day: Top Tasks to Automate

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Ever find yourself in that all-too-familiar loop of doing the same thing every day? In the world of IT, burnout has become an alarming issue, with a staggering 77% of professionals reporting an increase in burnout levels. The culprit? The relentless, daily repetition of low-value, high-volume tasks when IT professionals inherently thrive on tinkering and solving complex problems.

Fortunately, breaking free might be simpler than you think. Time to channel your inner Bill Murray from everyone’s favorite time loop movie and snap out of the cycle with — automation.

Read on to find out what key IT tasks you should automate to liberate yourself from monotony and unlock high efficiency.

10 IT tasks to automate

Here are some common IT tasks that you should start automating right away.

User onboarding

Make your onboarding process hassle-free with automation so you can impress clients and end users with a seamless experience. Imagine a process where all onboarding tasks, like configuration hardening, software deployment, patching and even removing bloatware, seamlessly run side by side. Kaseya VSA’s automation workflow builder can make it happen for real by stringing all these actions together into one coherent and blazing-fast automated workflow. With automation as your ally, you not only save time but also elevate your user experience to a whole new level.

Password resets

Dealing with password reset requests from clients and end users can be a real headache for IT professionals. With 20% to 50% of help desk tickets revolving around password resets, the frustration is real. However, despite the annoyance, the task is undeniably crucial for end users. VSA gives you the power to turn things around. You can either automate the process using your scripting skills using PowerShell or Batch, or you can dive into VSA 10’s script library for ready-made solutions.

Freeing up disk space

IT professionals would be millionaires if they got a penny for every time a customer complained about their slow computer. VSA is equipped to detect low disk space and fix the issue automatically.  From clearing out the recycling bin to deleting those pesky temporary files and even tagging an endpoint as a frequent offender — we’ve got the tools to help you keep those slowdown complaints at bay.

Rebooting machines

The number of tickets you receive can be significantly reduced if end users reboot their endpoints enough times. Using VSA, you can set up policies to automate reboots so that they occur at a time convenient for the end user. You can even detect whether an endpoint has been put to sleep at the end of a day so a reboot can be initiated. The best part? You don’t need a script.

Restarting services

With VSA, you can proactively solve problems for your end users by restarting services as soon as they crash while also freeing your IT team from the load of high-volume, low-value tickets. All you have to do is monitor critical services and applications and restart these vital components as soon as they go down. Besides resolving issues proactively, you also prevent them from causing a tidal wave of support tickets.

Deploying software

Experience effortless software deployment with VSA’s extensive library, featuring over 280 third-party applications. Whether you’re deploying the right software to specific endpoints or adding additional applications through .msi or .exe formats, VSA makes the process incredibly straightforward. In contrast to the tedious maneuvers required by conventional remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions, VSA stands out with its instant and user-friendly approach. Streamline your operations and experience software deployment as a one-click affair.


In a world where 57% of successful ransomware attacks result from unpatched software, patching should not be treated as optional. Cyber insurance and major compliance standards enforce this essential practice, even if it’s not the favorite task of tech professionals. With a concerning 26,447 vulnerabilities disclosed in 2023, 1,500 more than the previous year, the time to take action is now. VSA steps in to ensure thorough patching across Windows, Mac and Linux devices, covering even third-party applications. Finding the right balance, VSA allows you to set reboot controls, providing end-user flexibility without compromising security. It’s a proactive approach that fortifies your defenses, keeping cyberthreats at bay.


Taking regular backups of your crucial data and applications is a crucial cybersecurity measure. With VSA, automating backup management becomes a breeze. It seamlessly integrates with both appliance-based and cloud-based backups, such as Datto BCDR, Unitrends or Spanning. This ensures that your data remains safe and secure, providing peace of mind regardless of unforeseen circumstances.

Ensuring 100% antivirus, antimalware, endpoint detection and response (EDR) compliance

Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your security solutions is as crucial as any other security function. In today’s highly critical cybersecurity environment, VSA makes deploying AV, AM and EDR solutions a seamless experience. With VSA, organizations can be one step ahead of ever-evolving threats and 100% compliant with the required regulations.

IT reporting

VSA has an extensive library of high-value reports that makes showcasing your work to stakeholders extremely easy. The report templates are tailored to satisfy the requirements of different stakeholders with varying levels of technical competencies. Whether you’re aiming to showcase patching compliance, track warranty expiration dates or highlight your team’s value to the executive suite, VSA has you covered.


Automation is the key to breaking free from your own IT Groundhog Day.

Most conventional RMM solutions come with inadequate automation capabilities that don’t help much to build integrated workflows. Eventually, MSPs and internal IT teams wind up investing in a big stack of solutions that end up being expensive. Furthermore, a lack of integration between tools results in technicians grappling with “toggle tax,” leading to a decline in overall efficiency.

This is why Kaseya VSA is a game changer in the world of RMMs. It is equipped with the most advanced automation capabilities to streamline all mundane and monotonous tasks. This not only frees up technicians to focus on more important tasks but also reduces the cost of managing IT infrastructure and maximizes efficiency. Experience the power of VSA automation by scheduling your free demo today!

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