Outlook Not Synchronizing With Gmail

We have a client that uses several email addresses from within Microsoft Outlook. Some of them connect to Exchange. Some connect to IMAP (regular email), and some connect to G-mail. G-mail is IMAP, except it has weird requirements that change without any sort of notification. So here we are, the client is getting all sorts […]
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Weird Noises in the Machine

Look, I am not poking fun at anyone when I say this, but if your computer is making weird noises, it’s probably trying to tell you something.  Weird noises can mean many things, and typically they are not good.
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Acer Aspire 5750 – 6866 will not turn on

Hi Folks, This is a troubleshooting entry to help those DIYers and other techs working on this laptop (or one like it.) Here are some of the symptoms this laptop has exhibited: Laptop starts up intermittently (Sometimes will start and go to Windows.  Sometimes will not even POST.) Battery will not charge Power and battery […]
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