Building an M&A Migration Business for MSPs

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The “S” in MSP stands for service. The more services you can provide, the more valuable you are to customers. One area where MSPs are expanding their offerings is supporting mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (M&A). When corporate restructuring leads to the need to combine or break apart business units, internal IT departments often need help. M&A expertise is becoming highly sought-after as companies assess their technology partners.

Our new BitTitan whitepaper, Building a Robust, Repeatable M&A Migration Business with MigrationWiz, is a guide for MSPs who are being asked to support their customers’ merger, acquisition, and divestiture activity. After a quick review of the basics, including why so many companies see M&A as key to their growth strategies, the whitepaper explains the role of technology integration in their success. And you’ll learn why MSPs choose MigrationWiz to handle the complexity of M&A migrations.

More than a Data Mover

You need a full-featured tool if you’re going to take on M&A business. These migrations can be complex, and complex means time consuming. MigrationWiz helps you streamline the process so the resources you save can go to your bottom line. Read the whitepaper to learn about features that help you fine-tune and customize any type of migration, including Advanced Options through the MigrationWiz console and access to scripts for finer-grained control. MigrationWiz supports multiple migration strategies and also allows for batching depending on your customer’s business requirements.

As an MSP, you’re doing your job when you can take pressure off of internal IT teams. This is especially important when the CIO is able to focus their efforts on the strategic aspects of the project. Our whitepaper shows how SaaS-based MigrationWiz minimizes impact on the IT infrastructure and allows you to spread the load over time if necessary. Specific controls like the Active Directory migration tool, DeploymentPro™ for automated Outlook configuration, mapping, role reassignment, and migration of metadata help you assure more accurate, complete migrations.

The MSP Role in M&A Migrations

As you develop your expertise, you can support mergers and acquisitions with more than the technical aspects of a migration. MSPs who have developed a migration methodology using MigrationWiz and built it into a repeatable process, are consulting with CIOs to make sure deals get done efficiently. That means the customer can begin to realize the benefits of combined (or separated) business units more quickly. You can promote your knowledge and expertise, and take a load off of internal IT to help plan all aspects of the migration. This can include pre-migration assessments, scheduling, recommending a migration strategy, preparing users for a smooth transition, communicating with stakeholders, and post-migration reporting.

If you’ve been considering offering M&A migrations and consulting, learn more by reading our new whitepaper. Contact us if you’d like personalized support for using MigrationWiz to expand your business.

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